Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays!

On Friday, 12/23/2011, the Christmas Spirit could be felt throughout Pod 6d. Students were all smiles in their Christmas colors. As most families do to celebrate the holiday season, we had a holiday feast where students feasted on a variety of different chicken dishes, macaroni (students loved Alanna of 607's cheesy macaroni dish), chips, cakes, juice, and soda. The delighted students also showed off their artistic abilities by decorating their very own eatable "Christmas Tree" (made out of sugar cones, m&m's, sprinkles, and vanilla frosting).

After eating, we all went to the library where the gift unwrapping celebration commenced!
Students were individually called to receive their gifts. The only instructions were that they could not open their gifts until everyone had received their gifts. Once everyone received their gifts, we counted down to 10 and the gift-opening-madness began!

The energy in the library was so positive and uplifting--it exemplified the spirit of Christmas.

I would like to thank all who made this holiday celebration so memorable for my students and I. I can think of nothing better than to leave for the Christmas break on such a positive note.
Thank you to everyone who donated a gift to this year's Secret Santa gift drive.
Thank you Ms. Reiss for hosting us in the Library and helping with the set up and photography.
Thank you to Mr. Awumey, Mr. Rosario, Ms. Tiller, Ms. Perez, Ms. Ramirez, and Mr. Mello for being so cohesive and helping make this a special holiday for the kids. I could see the joy on all of your faces and I am sure the kids felt your holiday spirit as well!
Thank you so much Ms. Outerbridge for affording us this opportunity to celebrate the holidays together as a 339 family. My students, pod, and I all appreciate you allowing us to build and maintain our relationships with each other. This was the most memorable holiday celebration that I have been a part of to-date!

Happy Holidays from Ms B on Vimeo.