Thursday, May 19, 2011

Congratulations to the Track Team!

I am so proud of the track team at 339! Specifically my amazing students on Unity pod 6D. On May 18, 2011 with the coaching of Mrs. Hameed and Mr. Martin, the 339 track team brought back several trophies and medals to C.I.S 339. The 6th grade team alone won 3 trophies in their respective categories.

Both Nelson and Pedro of class 609 excelled in the shot-put --each won a medal for coming in first and second place.

Albis of 607 came in first place in the long jump and Mahamadou of 607 came in a close 2nd. Go Albis and Mahamadou! Jose of class 609 came in 2nd place in the 200 M dash. You guys did an amazing job!

Not to be out-shined by the boys of pod 6D, the girls also showed that they are excellent athletes.

Myesha of class 608 made everyone proud when she came in the 1st place in the long jump and 2nd place in the 400 M dash. Mariam followed right behind as she raced into 3rd place in the 100 M dash. These are amazing accomplishments ladies!

Below is a list of the students in Pod 6D that won a medal at the Bronx Championship and will be advancing to the City Championship on Saturday, June 4, 2011.
Albis Almanzar - 607 (3rd place in 100 M dash & 1st place in long Jump)
Jose Paniagua - 609 (2nd place in 200 M dash)
Mahamadou Sonko - 607 (2nd place in long jump)
Mariam Kebe - 608 (3rd place in 100 M dash)
Myesha Wilson - 608 (2nd place in 400 M dash & 1st place in long jump)
Nelson Santana - 609 (1st place in 100 M dash & 2nd place in shot put)
Pedro Ramirez - 609 (1st place in 200 M dash & 1st place in shot put)

The 6 grade boys relay team (Pedro, Jose P, Nelson & Kelly Hernandez [603]) came in 1st place.

If you are interested in joining the track team at C.I.S 339 please contact Mr. Martin at or Mrs. Hameed at'

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Thank you to Mr. Martin and Mrs. Hameed for the pictures and all of your help with my students.