Friday, June 10, 2011

Math and Science in ELA Class?

Math in ELA class?

Pedro Ramirez of 609 found out that there are 9.5 sugar cubes in a can of Sprite soda.

What do you get when you sprinkle a little bit of math and science into an ELA class? A whole lot of learning! For the past few weeks Pod 6D students have been learning about the harmful effects of sugar so it is only right that they learn how to read labels to figure out just how much sugar they are consuming.

Figuring out the amount of sugar in a drink is valuable to understanding the high sugar consumption rate among teenagers. The materials? A calculator, a box of sugar cubes, and empty soft drink containers.

Students enjoyed working with their groups to figure out the amount of sugar they are consuming just by drinking a bottle of their favorite soft drink!

How can you figure out how much sugar is in your food and drink? Follow these simple steps!

Remember: 1 sugar cube (which is 1 teaspoon)=4 grams of sugar.

How much sugar is in the item below? Check the nutrition label to find out!

  1. Divide the sugar grams per serving by 4. Ex 5÷4=1.25
  2. Multiply the answer by the servings per container. 1.25 x 2=2.5 sugar cubes in the entire drink.

Watch a video of this engaging and informative lesson!

How much Sugar is in a can of soda? from Ms B on Vimeo.

Want to read more? Check out

Science in ELA?

So how much sugar really is in a can of soda? Two 607 scientist in training decided to do a little at home experiment (with the guidance of their parents) in which they actually extracted all of the sugar out of a can of soda.

Daryn L. and Jerome G. were so inspired by a video in which a scientist boils soda to extract the sugar inside that they went home and tried the experiment out for themselves.

They emptied the contents of 1 can of soda into a small pot. They turned up the heat on the stove and boiled the soda until all of the water in the

soda evaporated.

What was left? The sugary syrup that is added to the soda. Daryn and Jerome then poured the sugary syrup into a container and brought the sugar to school to show their classmates. As we observed the sugar we noticed that it hardens at room temperature and has a very dark tar-like color.

Thank you Jerome and Daryn for continuing the learning experience outside of the classroom!

Keanu N of 608 gives step-by-step directions on how to do the above experiment :

"Step1:Get any soda
Step2:Get a pan
Step3:Turn your stove up
Step4:Put the pan on the stove and then put the soda inside
Step5:Put the stove on high
Step6:Its gonna start getting bubbles
Step7:All the color is gonna start to fade
Step8:The color is gonna turn dark brown
Step9:The soda that you put in the pan is gonna start going in the middle of the pan
Step10:When that happens take it out and put it in a container the pan quick before it drys up"


Ms. Tiller E-Portfolio said...

I would love to know the sugar content that is in a Medium Mocha Frappe´.

Jason Levy said...

Hi Students,

Wow, that is a great job you did explaining how much sugar is in one can of soda! I wonder if children would have so much soda or Arizona iced tea if they knew how much sugar there was--

Thanks for the information!

Mr. Levy

CASTILLO said...

Yea, I bet that would of changed everyone's perspective and I bet that everyone will probably change there morning drinks into something less sugary!

TOKOLI said...

Well,I think that people would not drink soda if they knew how much sugar was in soda. But, probably some people that don't care about their health might still drink soda.

TAKILLAH said...

Some students would still drink soda even though it taste good and they know how much sugar is in there. Now since they know they would have to drink water instead of sugary drinks.

Destini said...

After, the students have seen how much sugar is in soda the students will probably cut back on soft drinks. But even though the students will still probably still drink soft drinks anyways.

Myesha said...

I love soda, candy, and more ..... but after I seen how much sugar I sould lay off the sugar for a long time. THX

Myesha said...

I love soda, brownie, and more until I seen how much sugar is in it.I should lay off on the sugar.THX