Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Proud Avid Readers!

This school year classes 608, 607, and 609 borrowed more books than any other classes in 339! While reading is not a competitors sport, it definitely feels great to know that the students in Pod 6D know the importance of reading and are utilizing the school's library on a weekly basis.

In January, Pod 6D launched its silent sustained independent reading program. During the time allotted for silent reading, students can either read a book from the class library or read a book checked out of the school's library. The students in Pod 6D enjoy the time to settle down and immerse themselves in a good book.

Because of their dedication to reading and utilizing the school library, our amazing librarian, Mrs. Reiss, honored a select group of students from Pod 6D with an ice cream party on Friday, June 10th. What better way to cool down in the heat than eating a bowl of ice cream?

The students who took out the most books and did not lose any books were awarded with ice cream and a certificate which welcomes them to the "Avid Readers Club." As their ELA teacher, I also received a certificate and a warm letter of praise (see below) from Mrs. Reiss! Thank you Mrs. Reiss!

Shout-out to the Avid Readers. The following students took out the most books, were the best behaved during silent reading, and do not owe any books to Mrs. Reiss. For their accomplishments, they were awarded a certificate. Keep reading!

  1. Sulemane (609)

  2. Bryant F (609)
  3. Justin E (609)
  4. Mark L (609)
  5. Adnasia S
  6. Mariam K (608)
  7. Amanda R (608)
  8. Terence C (took out the most books) (608)
  9. Dejone P (608)
  10. Ronald I (608)
  11. Austin A (607)
  12. Akim T (608)
  13. Kennisha P (607)
  14. Myesha W (608)
  15. Raymond L (608)
  16. Anllelina N (608)
  17. Genava S (607)
  18. Habulai S (608)
  19. Isha N (607)
  20. Prinscilla A (607)
  21. Albis A (607)
  22. Erica H (607)
  23. Dunaisha W (608)
  24. Alejandro H (607)
  25. Devinaire M (607)
  26. Keanu N (608)

From Mrs. Reiss:

June, 2011

Dear Ms. Bentley,

I am writing this email to applaud you for promoting reading and literacy among your students. All three of your classes, 607, 608, and 609 borrowed the most books from the school library during the 2010-2011 school year.

Your students demonstrate enthusiasm towards reading and enjoy selecting new books. By encouraging students to visit the library on a regular basis, you

have imparted a sense of the importance of independent reading to academic success. Congratulations and thank you for your support.

Ms. A. Reiss,



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The ice cream was good And IT was yummy.i really enjoyed the ice cream.

albis said...

this year i did good at reading next year i will read more books than this year so my parents and teachers will be prod of me i love reading !!!!!!!!!and thanks ms.riss for the ice cream

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YAY ICE CREAM!Thank you Ms.Reiss for the Ice Cream it was delicious.Also I will read more books then I have ever read.GO READING!

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thank you for the ice cream Ms.Reiss.

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your boy had ice ceam 2

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Those Ice Cream Ya Had Look Dumb Good <3 ! Keep It Up Reading Terrance with the good reading ! <3 Ya Love It ! <3 Lml

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Yay!!!! I love reading!!!!!